Mexico Update 47

May 2017

  • MIF II companies sustain a trend of solid growth
  • M-III first closing and upcoming investments

Mexico Update 46

August 2016

  • MIF II companies continue to perform under plans
  • Mexico continues to distinguish amongst Emerging Markets

Mexico Update 45

April 2016

  • MIF II finished strong 2015 and delivered robust growth in Q1-16
  • MIF I will be fully realized in H1 2016

Mexico Update 44

December 2015

  • MIF I portfolio on track to be fully realized in 1H16
  • MIF II continues delivering positive results throughout 2015

Mexico Update 43

August 2015

  • MIF I portfolio on track for full realization
  • MIF II continues to build value with strong portfolio performance

Mexico Update 42

March 2015

  • MIF I is winding down and will wrap up by the end of the year
  • MIF II portfolio companies are building value with positive results
  • Our Chairman Ernesto Warnholtz, was distinguished with the “Lifetime
    Achievement Award” by the Mexican Association of Private Equity

Mexico Update 41

November 2014

  • MIF I is making progress towards exiting its last remaining investment
  • MIF II continues to build value in all its current portfolio companies
  • M-III interest keeps growing from Mexican and international LP’s

Mexico Update 40

August 2014

  • MIF I will look for a better exit strategy in search for additional up side
  • MIF II continues to build value despite some set backs
  • M-III will be launched in 2015 to exploit a refreshed Mexico moment